Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting started on your Bento Journey

School is around the corner, and for some areas in the US, school has already started. If you want to try making bento lunches for your child(ren), you do not need to invest a large amount of money, if you do not want to. Here are the basics you will need:

You can purchase from Target, Wal-mart, Amazon, and the like, containers from Ziploc, Rubbermade, Lock n Lock, and Gladware that will work just fine for Bentos. Some Dollar Stores even carry these type of containers. The cost of these types of containers range from $2.00-12.00 for a multipack.

If you choose to start off with authentic like bento boxes, you can order them online at places like:

Here are a few examples of authentic like bento boxes

I like to use standard cookie cutter sized cutters, but also have alot of mini cutters, too. You can purchase cookie cutters pretty much anywhere kitchen supplies are sold. Some of my favorite places to get cool ones are Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Michaels (at Michaels you can use a % off coupon and get them really cheap!). You can also order them from places like eBay, Amazon, Allthingsforsale.

You can use metal or plastic (so you can raid your child's playdo supplies to borrow some :) ) I prefer metal, although you need to dry them real good after each use so they do not rust.

Think about foods that your child likes. Think about foods that will be easy to cut into different shapes. Some ideas:
fruit like kiwi

For cutting into shapes, think of food that can be cut into flat surfaces that a cutter would fit on.

See, that was easy, eh?

My next entry will show step by step on how to make a bento lunch for your kiddo :)


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