Saturday, September 10, 2011

Way behind in posting bentos :(

I am way behind in posting to my bento blog. This past week was the first week for my students at work and it was a crazy week, to say the least. I had no energy at the end of the work day to post, but I did make bentos and take pictures. There has been an addition to the daily bento lunch.....two times per week, I make a bento snack box, too. Bella attends a 3 year old preschool every day all day. This Tuesday, she started attending a preschool class in the school, in the program I teach in, for 2 days per week for 2 1/2 hours each day. She will be there for a snack time so I bought her some new mini bento boxes for her snack bentos. TOO CUTE!

This first picture is of a container for baby food that I found at TJ Maxx for $3.99. She will never know if is for a baby. It comes with it's own spoon. I was familiar with the brand, as it is the brand of mini containers that I purchased for sauces and dips for her bentos.

These mini bento containers are the snack bentos I bought from They are simply adorable and authentic Japanese containers. I think I paid $15 with shipping for all three!

Now for some bentos that I am behind in posting. These are some bento lunches and bento snack boxes from this week.

This first one is a snack bento. On the left are animal crackers and on the right are cantaloupe pieces shaped like flowers.

This bento is zoo themed. The upper left corner has olives (Bella loves black olives) in animal food picks. The upper right corner has grapes on animal food picks. The lower left corner is cheese and ham cut out in the shape of ducks. The lower right corner are a few cheese puffs.

Bella loved this bento. The umbrella and flower sandwiches are Sunflower butter and fluff. YUM! The upper left is craisins, then string cheese, and animal crackers. Then some banana.

Here is a snack bento of grapes on flower food picks and cheese hearts.
This bento includes a hard boiled egg shaped as a bunny, flower cantaloupe, wheat thin crackers sticks, flower shaped cereal bar pieces, and a yogurt in the middle.
This is a Teddy Bear bento. In the teddy bear cupcake liner are mini pancake cutouts and their negatives of bears along with a banana and some syrup. Apple sauce and animal crackers make this bento complete :) Sunflower and Jelly flower sandwiches...a favorite :) Carrot sticks, vegi sticks (snack), and green grapes on food picks.
This bento is in my favorite bento container.....I wish I could get more designs of the lid so I we had a variety of this style. This bento includes a hard boiled egg shaped like a fish, cheddar cheese frogs, green grapes, cheerios and yogurt. The yogurt is in the Vital Baby brand babyfood container for designed for freezing home made babyfood. I love them! I bought them on Amazon and they relatively inexpensive...

Bella has been LOVING her bentos. Her preschool reports that she eats all of her lunch most days. That makes making bentos well worth the time and effort!

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