Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to keep apple slices from turning brown.....

I did some research to find some ideas for keeping apple slices from turning brown. I have tried lemon juice, but it alters the taste of the apples. I read about using gingerale. So, I tried it.

1. Slice up apple
2. Soak apple slices in gingerale for 10 minutes
3. Pack in lunch

Now, I tried this at home before sending to school with Bella. I put the apple slices in a baggie in the fridge overnight. They were perfect the next morning.



  1. I did an apple experiment too! My ginger ale apples turned the most brown though... what kind did you use? Also, I didn't seal mine in baggies because I was testing how well what I used would keep them from turning brown while exposed to air... so not really the same experiment, lol :)

  2. Vitamin C prevents browning. So sloshing them with any juice with C in it will work great. I use apple juice, as it doesn't affect the flavor in a negative way, like lemon juice can. But Trader Joe's cinnamon-pear cider made them taste REALLY good. OJ was used once in a pinch, and wasn't too weird.