Sunday, October 9, 2011

I figured out how to use my Lunch Punches!!

Thanks to a follower of my facebook page for Bentos for Bella, I now know how to use my lunch punches for sandwiches. I was making the sandwich first then using the cutter. I was told, and I can't find the post right now, to use the cutter on the two pieces of bread first, then make the sandwich. IT WORKED! Thank you, Thank you....I never understood why my sandwiches didnt look as neat as other people's! Now I love my Lunch Punches.

Here is Bella's bento for tomorrow. I used my crown lunch punch to make a princess and butterfly themed lunch.

Crown and Heart Shaped Sandwich - Sunflower Butter and Fluff
Butterfly shaped cereal bar
Butterfly Shaped Cucumber



  1. Hooray! Glad it worked out! And now you don't even have to clean it! (Although the Lunch Punches are easier to clean than metal cookie cutters, since you can just pop them in the dishwasher. But still...)

  2. Yay! I didn't know you were having trouble getting them the way you wanted... I'd have given you my tip too:) I don't have the patience to cut the bread and then make the sandwich, and I'm always pressed for time, so what I do is use a small cutting board to press the sandwich down a bit first, then use the Lunch Punch. And I often flip it over to the bottom side which usually looks a bit neater.
    Ludicrous Mama - the metal cutters are the worst! And my husband sometimes forgets to dry them immediately :( I use the nipple cleaning brush from a baby bottle cleaner for the small cutters.

  3. very cute :)

    i do the same thing candy girl with my sandwiches sometimes, lol

  4. I will have to try the cutting board method, too :) Thanks