Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lunch Punch take #2

I didn't have much luck with my Lunch Punches last time I tried using them. I tried them before with cheap white bread. The sandwich didn't hold up after punching. This time, I tried it with a heartier bread, the kind my girls should be eating, anyway. It worked much better! Here is a bento I made for Bella for tomorrow:

Sunflower Butter and Fluff sandwich in shape of a frog (eyes made from fruit leather)
Cheese crackers
Cut up cheese stick (funny, she won't eat it whole)
Apple slices (soaked in gingerale to keep from turning brown)


1 comment:

  1. Have you tried using a sharp knife to shave off the crusts first? They give the bread a lot of structural support, which pulls the bread apart as you're pushing down while the crusts are fighting you by staying up. I also sometimes cut the slices separately, which just does the parts that cut the whole way through a sandwich, and not the imprint details. Then I slather the bread up and put it together, THEN line it up again to push in the imprints. That way the top slice isn't fighting you the whole way as you cut through to the bottom. Depends on the cutter though, whether it's worth my time PBing up all the little fiddly bits.