Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall might be on it's way but it sure feels like summer!

From the feel of the weather outside, I should be making fishy or summer themed bentos. I guess I wont complain since this means maybe trick or treating will be mild :) In preparation of Halloween, here is my Happy Face Pumpkin Bento. Once again, I made the sandwich using the cutter on each separate piece of the sandwich....Why didn't I figure this out?

Pumpkin Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Grape tomatoes
Pretzel sticks
Apple (that Bella picked herself at the farm yesterday)
Candy Icing spider



  1. Love it! Cutting the bread out first worked well for having the jack o lantern face "carved out" too :) I have a peanut butter version for Pickle on my lunch to do list :)

  2. it makes such a HUGE difference to use cutter before making the sandwich. A year of smooshing sandwiches is over! LOL