Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bento #3 and an Earthquake!

Crazy day...2nd day of work, busy, busy, and an earthquake, to boot; a 5.8 to be exact. It was shaking and shifting from side to side. CRAZY! Everyone is ok and no damage...

Back to making bentos.....Bella ate all of her bento from today, except her sandwich. She told her teacher that she did not want to get her hands messy. Such a princess.... Tomorrow's bento includes:

*Hot Dog slices on a food pick (Winnie the Pooh part food sticks from party store)
*Cucumbers cut into shape of rocking horse
*Mini container of ranch dressing
*Grape tomatoes on food picks
*Colby Jack cheese cut in shapes of Rocking horse
*Animal crackers

If you look next to the food picks of tomatoes, you will see cute yellow grass dividers. I bought these from allthingsforsale.com. They separate your food....so cool!


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