Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bella making her first Bento

Bella wanted to make her own bento for lunch today. She used the Mickey cutter and made a Mickey Mouse with a face, cut animals, flowers, and butterflies out of apples, and used food picks for her black olives. She was so proud of herself and ate it all!

I have spent alot of time this morning learning how to promote my bento blog. I love making bentos and I love blogging, but I prefer to blog to readers not to myself. Hopefully the networking I did today will help bring more traffic to my blog so more people can learn about bentos, I hope to someday do give aways and such.

Here is Bella's bento for tomorrow. I have never tried lunch meat and cheese rolls, so I thought I would try. I rolled a piece of bologna with cheese then cut in half. Stuck my cute little bento picks through to hold in rolled form. I also tried something else new....a cold pasta salad. I am not much of a cook but I think it turned out ok:

Bow tie pasta
Black olives
red bell pepper
yellow bell pepper
Italian Dressing

I added some yellow bell pepper slices with ranch...topped off with flower shaped fruit leather and pretzel crackers.

ps....I created a "grab my button" ad on my page :)


  1. What a great helper that Bella is! Thanks for participating in Bento of the Week! I added your blog button to our list of Bloggers who Bento!

  2. Nice. Where did you get the divided container?