Monday, September 26, 2011

Really Cool Ocean Theme Bento + New Supplies

A completely new bento for me. I found a really cool bento on Bent On Better Lunches I saw this awesome ocean themed bento, pinned it, and said, "I have to try that." And try it I did.

This bento has Octopus hotdogs (with cute crowns on their head), Ramen noodle waves (made with blue food coloring), colby jack cheese fish, fruit leather fish, goldfish crackers........I hope Ms. Bella loves it!

A very exciting mailbox day, too! I received my supplies I ordered from fitjpstore. They arrived fast and are AWESOME! Can't believe I paid $3 for the bento boxes and $2 each for all of the food picks. So excited when I get new supplies!

Until next time......Charlene

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