Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding the time....where is the time????

I can't seem to find the time or the energy at the end of the night, after cleaning up from dinner, making lunches, taking post on my blog. I need to get better, though. It might motivate me if more people followed my Blog AND liked my facebook page. I would be more motivated...hint hint ;)

I was very excited when I found Lunch Punches. I ordered the whimsical set from Amazon. Cost me $14.99 (free shipping with Amazon Prime) I tried them out yesterday and was disappointed...BUT I am not giving up yet. I tried to make sandwiches with the punches and they didn't punch well. I think it may have something to do with the cheap white bread I bought. Gonna try again and will update the post.

Now for Bento Lunches for this week:

Cute heart teddy bear egg, flower bologna and cheese cut outs, goldfish crackers, and banana.

Cucumber Flowers (cutouts and negatives), shredded cheese, yogurt, banana, and goldfish crackers.

Bella's snack bento. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have to pack a snack for, why not a snack bento? Bella has acquired my taste for seaweed. YUMMY! This is a snack bento with Roasted Seaweed. I learned something, however. Those silicon dry packs in the packages of seaweed are there for a reason. They keep the moisture out. Bella's seaweed turned soggy :( Lesson learned.

Butterfly sandwich (sunflower butter and jelly), banana, strawberries, craisins, and goldfish crackers.

Snack bento: Cucumber flowers, ranch dressing, Smart Food Popcorn....snuck a few chips underneath at the request of Bella.

Proof that Bentos don't need to be time consuming. Presenting my 5 minute bento. Grilled ham and cheese, strawberries, hummus, yellow bell peppers, and honey oat pretzels.


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